Photo Contest Winners

2010 Summer Vacation Photo Contest Winners Announced

From New Orleans to the Pacific Coast and even to Europe, Sister Blackberry has traveled many places this past summer and thanks you for taking her with you. 

Eight winners were chosen from the many photos submitted for the contest. To view the winners go to Sister Blackberry readers took some really creative photos for this contest. The winners were difficult to choose from. Winning entries will receive a free copy of House of Cleaving when it is released July 2011.

For those who did not have a chance to enter the contest, another contest will begin just after House of Cleaving is released in July 2011. The new photo contest is called “At Home With House of Cleaving.” Submit your best creative photo of House of Cleaving around the house doing everyday things — washing the dishes, sweeping the floor, folding laundry or just sitting on the couch enjoying a cup of coffee.
More information about this contest, its start dates and deadlines will be sent out just after House of Cleaving’s release.
House of Cleaving, a novel by Melissa Newman
Sister Blackberry