Wilder Woman Character Contest



Growing Up Wilder Front CoverIf you’d like to create a character for Growing Up Wilder, the author is hosting a “Crazy Wilder Woman Contest.” Submissions will be accepted until April 30, 2012.

Get as wild, wacky, and crazy as you want! After all, that’s how Dancy’s father likes his women — the crazier the better!


Please send all entries to www.melissanewman.net

One winner will be chosen. Winner will receive ten complimentary copies of Growing Up Wilder just after the release date — April 5, 2013 and have an opportunity to attend any book event, book launch or book signing and talk to fans about their character.


Crazy Wilder Woman Character Contest Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Susan Weaver, winner of the Wilder Woman Contest, for introducing
Isabella Catelyn Bleufield Maymore Jacobson Claxton Perryworth to the Wilders. I
don’t know how Everett, Dancy, and Marla ever got along without her. As the
winner, Susan will receive ten complimentary copies of Growing Up Wilder and an
opportunity to attend book signings and events with the author.Susan George Weaver


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