Redbud Writer’s Row

Melissa met with over 100 readers at Redbud Writer’s Row at the Annual Redbud Festival in Barbourville. Standing at the table below: Roberta Taylor, Debbie Estes and Sandy Hash Keys, three of Melissa’s first and most loyal fans.


Melissa was seated next to Katie Pickard-Fawcett during Writer's Row at the Redbud Festival. Katie is the author of one of Knopf-Random House's newest Young Adult Novels, "To Come and Go Like Magic." Katie is also from Barbourville and like Melissa is an alumna of Union College.

A Note to Readers

Just a Short Hiatus ... More Novels to Come

While Growing Up Wilder was my last novel, it will certainly not be my final. I have two outlines just dying to escape from my desk drawer and I often have to apologetically shove them back in when I find they have made it to the surface time and again.

I am currently working toward completing my doctorate degree (I am all but dissertation, folks!) and I am tangled up in research that uses storytelling and social media as a way to increase hope levels for individuals and entire communities.

This research is allowing me to focus on solving a problem within Kentucky's Appalachia - negative stereotypes.

Readers, please be patient. I will return to fiction shortly. Until then, please continue to share Sister Blackberry, House of Cleaving and Growing Up Wilder with your friends and family.

As always, I welcome your notes and messages.