Joseph-Beth Lexington 2011

Melissa was invited to Joseph-Beth Booksellers in Lexington, Ky. to discuss and sign her new novel House of Cleaving. JBB is where Newman launched her first book, Sister Blackberry, with much success.

Fans of Sister Blackberry came to JBB again to visit with Melissa and find out more about what she's working on next.

Melissa signs books for those eager to read her latest published work, "House of Cleaving."

One of Melissa's former English Professors from Union College, Connie Danner, came to get a signed copy of "House of Cleaving."

Melissa visits with some of her younger fans.

Frank Newman and Roscoe Burns came to Melissa's book launch dressed as the help.

Lexington readers were eager to speak with Melissa about upcoming projects.

Melissa was very proud to have her banner hang next to Bobbie Ann Mason's. Mason was scheduled to be a JBB the Monday after Melissa's book launch.

The JBB building is such a beautiful structure.

Melody visits "the place."

House of Cleaving, a novel by Melissa Newman
Sister Blackberry