Newman’s novels featured at 2011 Ky Book Fair

Local author Melissa Newman was invited to have her two novels – Sister Blackberry and House of Cleaving – featured at the Annual Kentucky Book Fair. This is her second year as a featured author for the annual November event, which is billed as one of the largest book fairs of its kind.

When Newman’s second novel, House of Cleaving, was released this past summer, book fair organizers invited Newman to come back with the second novel because the first, Sister Blackberry, enjoyed much success at the 2010 book fair.

The local author was in some very good company this year as she hosted the same crowd as beloved Kentucky author Bobbie Ann Mason, who was at the fair this year with her new novel, The Girl in the Blue Beret; and Kentucky’s own Nancy Jensen, one of the newest faculty members for the Master of Fine Arts program at Eastern Kentucky University. Jensen was at the fair with her first novel The Sisters, which was recently given a very nice review in Oprah Winfrey’s “O” Magazine and has enjoyed much national acclaim.

Newman has recently enjoyed some good reviews of her own lately as her new novel House of Cleaving was the November featured title in Kentucky Living Magazine. Reviewer, Penny Woods, said Newman “has a talent for masterfully weaving characters together.” Literary review magazine, Chapter 16, has also given House of Cleaving favorable comments as well as Sister Blackberry.

Local author, Melissa Newman, recently enjoyed her second year at the Kentucky Book Fair. She was invited back to the fair with her newest novel House of Cleaving after her first novel Sister Blackberry enjoyed much success at the book fair in 2010. The Kentucky Book Fair is one of the largest of its kind. This year was the fair’s 30th anniversary.

Newman is now working on her third and fourth novels – “Wilder Girls,” a humorous story about a perpetual bachelor raising two little girls alone; and “The Gittie Bridge,” whose contents are yet to be publicly revealed.

A Note to Readers

Just a Short Hiatus ... More Novels to Come

While Growing Up Wilder was my last novel, it will certainly not be my final. I have two outlines just dying to escape from my desk drawer and I often have to apologetically shove them back in when I find they have made it to the surface time and again.

I am currently working toward completing my doctorate degree (I am all but dissertation, folks!) and I am tangled up in research that uses storytelling and social media as a way to increase hope levels for individuals and entire communities.

This research is allowing me to focus on solving a problem within Kentucky's Appalachia - negative stereotypes.

Readers, please be patient. I will return to fiction shortly. Until then, please continue to share Sister Blackberry, House of Cleaving and Growing Up Wilder with your friends and family.

As always, I welcome your notes and messages.